about Pao Feng

About us

Since 1988, major service as OEM Injection Blow Molding PC、TRITAN、PET、PES. Plastic raw materials are certified by the FDA US Food and Sanitation Authority, such as sports water bottles, lamp shades, bathroom shades, LED shades, baby bottles, oil and medical bottles, our products with professional technology for injection blow molding and excellent quality Marketing to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and the constant pursuit of excellence in technology, but also look forward to providing customers better products, as well as customized products, OEM, etc. allow customers more choices. Since its establishment……Pao Feng is the industry in Taiwan among the best, because we have consistently adhered to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, a serious and progressive spirit, in the technical continuous efforts in order to have today stand still, our expertise And excellent high quality and stability, and delivery on time, high efficiency and efficiency in all aspects of the industry are the trust and support of customers.

Corporate Vision

Now PaoFeng 30 years have passed, we're very sure will be better and sustainable operation, in addition to continuing our efforts and efforts in the plastic injection molding market, we are committed to developing new products that give our customers more choices and provide innovate indea and team research and development technologies to meet the requirements and quality of their customers. In the future, Paofeng's R & D team will devote itself to researching and developing this block, and will also promote the equipment with high stability and high precision to produce high-precision and high-quality products for a large customer base.

Injection Blow Molding/ One-step injection blow molding